Thursday, August 6, 2009

I will try to BLOG more

Shame on me! I haven't blogged in several months. I guess with Summer being here, getting more printing work and going to school, I have let myself get behind on blogging. I read today it is best to blog 3 times per week. I know when I look at a blog and there have been no updates, I feel disappointed, so I sincerely apologize.

Anything new in my life? In the world of printing (my career for 30 years) we are now printing digitally as well as offset printing.

The difference - digital printing is done on small quantities. Quality is similar to offset printing but not quite as good.

Customers love it for the time frame and price on small quantities.

Offset printing is done with plates and ink. Digital printing is done with toner and digital images.

If I can help with any print needs, please email me @ or

In the world of stamping - I have been on hiatus for several months and have not stamped lately. I have really missed it but got bogged down with school etc., However I did pass my finals! Yea! and we will have a new stamp class in August! Yea!

I do know Stampin Up has a new catalog and I plan to get some new stamps and make new projects.

Hope all has had a good summer and wish all the best!


Pam Chambliss

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